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Past Downloads

The Now- "Can You Fix Me Up With Her .mp3<

Department S- "Going Left Right" (extended version)

Pezband - "Baby It's Cold Outside"

The Brains - "Dancing Under Streetlights"

The Headboys - "The Shape of Things To Come"

Our Daughters Wedding - "Lawnchairs" Original 7" Version

The Units - "The Right Man"

Fay Ray - "Love is Strange"

Manicured Noise - "Faith"

The Smirks - "American Patriots" .mp3 (Still available from The Smirks website.)

Slow Children - "President Am I" [extended mix]
Slow Children - "Spring In Fialta" [extended mix]

The Bongos - "Glow In The Dark" (Live from Columbia University)

The Metronomes - "A Living Person"

The Three Johns- "Atom Drum Bop"

The Reds- "Whatcha Doin' To Me"

Yachts - "Suffice To Say"

Tiny Desk Unit - "Cous Cous"

Comsat Angels- "Independence Day".mp3 (Original Version)

Modernettes- "I Can Only Give You Everything"

Beat Rodeo - "Just Friends"

The Rousers - "Rock 'N Roll Or Run"

The Thought - "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night"

Fabulous Poodles - "Mirror Star"

Furniture- "Brilliant Mind"

The Keys- "I Don't Wanna Cry"

Bush Tetras - "Too Many Creeps (Live)"

Get Smart! - "Just For The Moment"

Delta 5 - "Try"

Combo Audio - "Romanticide" (Single Version)

Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club - "Video Killed The Radio Star" (Single Version)

The Payola$ - "Christmas Is Coming"

Chris Stamey and Friends - "Sha La La"

APB - "Rainy Day"

Maximum Joy - "Why Can't We Live Together?"

Josef K - "Sorry For Laughing"

Any Trouble - "Playing Bogart"

Eugene Edwards - "It Doesn't Get Better Than This".

Cool It Reba - "I Saw Snakes"

Friends Again - "State Of Art"

Mod Fun - "I Am With You" (Still available from The Mod Fun website.)

The Tits - "We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead"

Minny Pops - "Dolphin's Spurt"

Hawaiian Pups - "Baby Judy"

The Individuals - "Dancing w/ My Eighty Wives"

The Go - "Instant Reaction"

Car Crash Set - "Outsider"

Photos - "Im So Attractive"

The Freshies - "I'm In Love With The Girl On A Certain Manchester Megastore Check-out Desk"

The Suburbs - "Love Is The Law (Dance Version)

Snips - "Nine O'Clock"

The Bureau- "Only For Sheep"

Ellen Foley- "Torchlight".mp3

Modulators - "Tomorrow's Coming"

D.L. Byron - "Listen to the Heartbeat"

Swinging Laurels - "Piece Of Mind"

The Colors - "Go Go Getter"

TV21 - "On The Run"

The dB's - "Black and White"

The Fools - "Psycho Chicken".mp3 (be sure to change file name and add .mp3 tag when downloading)

Stewart Brodian - "I Hate The Video Games"

Telex - "Moscow Diskow"

The Brains - "Money Changes Everything"

Blue Angel - "Just the Other Day"

Orange Juice - "Consolation Prize"

Intaferon - "Baby Pain".mp3

The Cretones - "Love Mix"

Seona Dancing - "More To Lose"

Little Girls- "How To Pick Up Girls"

True West- "Lucifer Sam"

The Dream Syndicate- "Sure Thing"

The Feelies - "Dancing Barefoot"

Boys Brigade - "Melody".mp3

Dirty Looks- "They Got Me Covered"

Polyrock - "Love Song"

Game Theory - "Christmas Moog"

The Mysteroids (the Revillos) - "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"

Blake Xolton & the Martians - "Merry Christmas"

Dreams So Real - "Red Lights (Merry Christmas)"

Dreams So Real - "Everywhere Girl"

Major Thinkers - "Avenue B."

Belfegore - "All That I Wanted"

Buzz & The Flyers - "You Crazy Gal You"

Faith Brothers - "Country Of The Blind"

Chris Stamey w/Yo L Tengo called "V.O.T.E."

Inflatable Boy Clams- "Skeletons"

The Comateens- "The Munsters Theme"

Pandoras - "Haunted Beach Party"

The Heaters/Heats - "I Don't Like Your Face"

Dynamic Hepnotics - "Funky Turban Part 13 1/2"

The Higsons - "I Don't Want To Live With Monkeys"

RUDI - "14 Steps"

RUDI - "Crimson

Corect Spelling - "Love Me Today" 12" version

The Raybeats - "B-Gas-Rickshaw"

The Bloods - "Button Up"

Voice Farm - "Elevate"

The Shivvers - "Teen Line"

The Nips - "Happy Song"

Robert Seidler - "Christian Boy"

Soul Attack - "Little Lost Child"

Girls At our Best - "Fast Boyfriends"

Accidents - "Blood Spattered With Guitars"

The Swinging Madisons - "Volare"

Chris Moffa & The Competition - "Places To Live"

Student Teachers - "Looks"

The Cosmopolitans - "How To Keep Your Husband Happy"

Blotto -" I Wanna Be A Lifeguard".mp3

The Go - "Don't Take Her Away"

The Whyos - "Full Arms And An Empty Heart

Miché and the Anglos - "One of Those Things"

The Mosquitos -"Do You Want To Hurt Me"

The Modulators -"Spin Me Around"